- airspace maps translator for Garmin GPS

This is my first experiment with share*it and with online bussines, so I don't expect any demand for this product. However, if you can't live without it :) here is my pricing strategy:

full version with source code: 16 EUR (special price for first customers: 12 EUR)
full version upgrade up to v1.0 (including): 0 EUR

Shipment: I will send you program by e-mail, or will provide you link for download. (You choose.)

Latest info (added 2008-08-13):
My experiment with online bussiness was successful. 6 people during the last 4 years have bought full version of oa2gm program. Now I am wealthy man :) and I can afford to provide it to community for free. The latest version is 0.3c (created by 2005-12-05). The file oa2gm.zip (53 kB) contains win32 binary, source code and some utilities.


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