- airspace maps translator for Garmin GPS

oa2gm means "OpenAir to GPSmapper". It translates airspace map from OpenAir format (.txt) into GPSmapper format (.mp). OpenAir format is used in programs SeeYou and WinPilot, and maps in this format are freely available on the internet. GPSmapper is free program which compiles map source file (.mp) into Garmin GPS map (.img). Resulting map is Mapsource compatible.

oa2gm is command utility written in ANSI C, so it is fully portable. I can offer runnable binaries for Win32, Linux or Irix6.4.

Use of oa2gm is simple - see syntax:

oa2gm <file.txt>
This command compiles file <file.txt> and writes result into file <file.mp>

Program parses all information in (.txt) file like:

and writes them into (.mp) file. New label of each region is derived from name of region and lower altitude of region (most important for free flying and GA). The only exception is demo version of oa2gm, which writes empty label.

Shows of Europe airspace map compiled by oa2gm:

- in computer (program Mapedit)

- on the gps screen (Garmin eTrex Legend)